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A Register of the MG Car Club

The MGF Register of the MG Car Club

Aims and Objectives

The MGF Register exists to promote the enjoyment of the MGF/TF marque and to keep a historical archive of material appertaining to the MGF/TF car.

Specifically it exists to...

 1. Provide a formal structure for owners and enthusiasts of the MGF/TF to be represented within the MG Car Club.

 2. Organise social activities and events for the enjoyment of the MGF/TF marques.

 3. Provide technical advice and assistance relating to the MGF/TF.

 4. Hold an archive of information relating to the development and history of the MGF/TF.

 5. Promote the aims and objectives of the MG Car Club and encourage friendship between like minded people.

 6. Maintain a register of vehicles, their current ownership and history.

In order to achieve this the MGF Register Committee will...

Build and maintain a database of technical knowledge and provide a contact for persons seeking technical advice.

 1. Encourage Regional Representation in order to promote the social aspect of the Register by organising regular meetings/events etc. throughout the country.

 2. Build and maintain an archive collection of historical material in relation to the development and history of the MGF

 3. Improve communication with the Register membership

 4. Encourage membership of the MG Car Club and F Register amongst MGF/TF owners.

…….of the MGF Register Committee

The MGF Register committee consists of a maximum of 12 people and a minimum of 5. There are 15 roles identifed within the committee and it is quite possible for one person to combine several of these roles.


To be the Focal point for all activities

To facilitate all main Committee meetings

To represent the MGF Register at MGCC Council meetings

To approve all minutes and official reports

To call committee meetings and an Annual General Meeting

To submit an annual chairman¹s report.

To call a special General meeting when/if necessary

To authorise major expenditure following a quorum decision

To have the casting vote in any hung committee decision

Vice Chairman

To deputise and undertake the role of chairman at events, meetings etc when the chairman is unavailable.


To keep minutes of all Main MGF Register meetings and distribute same

To Maintain a list of all current committee members and officers and to ensure Kimber House and all committee / reps have an up to     date list of those contacts

To be aware of issues relating to the MGCC council and circulate any relevant documentation as appropriate


To maintain an accurate record of MGF Register accounts

To issue funds as and when necessary in conjunction with the chairman

To publish simplified accounts to the committee.

To present accounts for auditing as and when required


To Co-ordinate all MGF Register events

To produce a regular and current calender of events

To Liaise with Regional Reps in connection with local and national events

To publicise and administrate MGF Register events.

To organise or assist in organistation of MGF Register events.

Membership Secretary

To keep and maintain a database of all current register members

To Liaise with the MG Car Club regarding new or migrating members

To ensure member records conform to the Data Protection Act

Regalia Secretary

To maintain a stock of regalia items

To keep records of stock and sales providing accounts to the Treasurer

To be the contact point for all Internet and Mail Order sales

To ensure sufficient regalia items are present at suitable MGF Register events

To research and purchase additions to regalia stock


To build and maintain a register of all MGF/TF cars

To collate and record evidence/photographic records in pursuance of the above

Archivist / Historian

To maintain a record of the history and development of the MGF/TF

To build and maintain a collection of documents, articles, photographs etc connected with the MGF/TF

To produce displays of archive material at certain MGF Register events

Editor/ SF! Scribe

To write/edit a monthly column and quarterly four page article for Safety Fast

To write/edit any further publications such as the committee see fit to produce.

To be a contact point for readers of Safety Fast and any other Register publication

FasTForward Editor/Writer

To write/edit a quarterly magazine for the MGF register

To arrange advertising for FasTForward magazine

To maintain a database of subscribers and be responsible for collection of subscription and to keep accounts in relation


To maintain any Register databases, forums or other online activity

To research any new opportunities for online activity

Web Content

To build and maintain the MGF register website

To keep articles on the website up to date and accurate

To Publish Articles, Photographs etc to the website as and when necessary

Technical Advisor/Archivist

To be a person with technical knowledge of the MGF/TF able to advise members in a competent manner should queries arise and remain a contact point for them.

To maintain a technical database for FAQ¹s and DIY guides with a view to publishing such guides in conjunction with the Webmaster or Editor.

International Liaison Officer

To be a contact point within the MGF Register for persons overseas

To seek out and develop overseas contacts

To liaise with overseas contacts and report back to the committee on any issues or concerns

To provide a regular International column and encourage articles from overseas contacts for FasTForward magazine

Regional Representatives

To be a contact point for the MGF register in defined regions of the Country

To arrange regular regional meetings and events

To organise occasional national MGF Register events with assistance from the Events team

To liaise with the Event Team on issues regardings runs/events as necessary

To publish dates of regional events by forwarding to the webmaster

To keep an online presence via the MGF register forum

To optionally maintain a spearate regional website with prominent links to the MGF Register and its website

To keep a record of regional members in order to communicate with them

To publicise regional activities by the best means available ie:- e-mail, Safety Fast, Website, Forums etc.

The Committee is free to Draft officers to the MGF Register as and when they see fit to assist in the running of the club and/or to help with the organisation of events.

All Committee members...

Promote and encourage membership of the MG Car Club and MGF Register

Undertake such tasks as necessary to aid the running of events, competitions etc.

Are helpful and friendly to all members

Help to collect information for the Archivist and Registrar

Have a vote on club decisions

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