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The MGF Register of the MG Car Club

MGF Register Charity Fund Raising

Since 2006 the MGF Register has supported a nominated charity throughout the year.

The Charity has been chosen by the Region organising the main Charity event of the year but is now chosen by the Committee who nominate charities with one to be chosen by the Chairman.

The MGF Register has raised & donated
for Charity since 2006

Prostate Cancer UK  is the charity that the MGF Register is going to support in 2017.

The Regions will be collecting donations at various events throughout the year but the best method to donate is through our charity page as that will allow UK tax payers to gain Gift Aid to boost their personal donations at no cost to yourselves. We loose the Gift Aid option if we do a general collection so to ensure the tax man gives us the best deal for the charity, donations made through the charity page are the best option for the charity.

A little about Prostate Cancer UK  .......

Prostate Cancer UK fights to help more men survive prostate cancer and enjoy a better quality of life. We find answers by funding ground-breaking research, we lead change by raising the profile of the disease and improving care. And we support men by providing vital information and services.

Further information can be found on Prostate Cancer UK  web site:

Our donation page can be found at

As previous years, donations through the Just Giving page will allow you to claim Gift Aid on personal donations. This will allow us to raise more money for Prostate Cancer UK with the tax man making an extra donation to the charity at no cost to yourself.

Keith Williams, Chairman, MGF Register.

2006 – Prostate Cancer Awareness

Tim Morris on behalf of the MGF Register

The first ever MGF Register charity event was called “eFFing the bridges” and took place in the Bristol area around the two Severn Bridges. Finishing at Dyrham Park & House in Gloucestershire the event raised £500.

Additional fundraising was carried out with the help of MGF Racing driver Martin Wills and Gary Steele from the charity.

2010 – RNLI

Organised by Adrian Clifford & Andy Phillips – Essex Region

The Register held two main fund raising events for the RNLI in 2010. The first was a repeat of the Arctic Circle Run and also the Essex Run. Most fundraising was done for the RNLI in general but the Essex Run was specifically for the Burnham Boathouse appeal.

Dave Kerley added £750 to the fund by having two white stripes on his MGF signed at various events throughout the year and was our top individual fundraiser.

This year was a record breaker for the register and we raised £3198.13 including gift aid.

2012 – Hard Top Relay – Whiz Kids

The Register held two main fund raising events for Wizz Kidz in 2012.

The Chaiman’s run visited Bletchley Park and a Hard Top Relay around the regions and into Europe helped raise the funds.

  This year we raised £3472.52 including gift aid.

2014 AGE UK

The Register held fund raising events for AGE UK in 2014.

The Chairman’s Charity Run was from the Market Square, Abingdon to the STEAM Museum in Swindon.

In addition to some regional fund raising, we also had ‘Holly’ a special white MGF vvc model which members were invited to take for a spin in their cars to raise funds for AGE UK, ‘Holly’ visited such places as St Georges Hospital London, Ilfracombe Devon and Brown & Gammon showrooms to name just a few.

This year we raised £1,584.20 including gift aid.


The Register held fund raising events for Guide Dogs in 2016.

A big thank you has to go out to all our members that have contributed to Guide Dogs.  

This has been raised through events during the year but mainly from the local regional group collections held at their events in 2016.

Total raised this year is £3,177.91 including gift aid.

2007 – Parkinson’s Disease Society

Phil & Lorna Brindley, Heart of England

The Charity Run took place in the Cotswolds and ended at Studely Castle raising £500.


The Register held fund raising events for DEMENTIA UK in 2015.

The Chairman’s Charity Run started in the Longbridge area early on the Sunday morning and it was to the Black Country Living Museum. The Black Country Living Museum is an open-air museum of rebuilt historic buildings in Dudley in the West Midlands of England.  

In addition to some regional fund raising, Dave Tynan also raised donations for the charity by printing Car Data Certificates which were made available at MGF20 & in Germany on the Niederrhein Tour

This year we raised £1,944.08 including gift aid.

2008 Norfolk Hospice

Sean & Claire Rankin, East Anglia

The Charity event took place in Norfolk with a run from Sandringham to Hunstanton raising £325

which was doubled by Lloyds Bank, thanks to organiser Claire Rankin , a total of £650.

2009 – Stoke Mandeville Spinal Foundation

Rich Stone, South Mids Sportsters

For the first time we held an additional main event, the Arctic Circle Run on the M25 in winter, at night, with the hoods down. Our second charity event, the Steaming Charity Run, held in May added to the pot. It is also the first time we have used the Just Giving website to raise more money in Gift Aid. So far with our two events we have raised £1027.60 plus £105.77 in Gift Aid on the website and £105 cash donations making £1238.37.

This has taken us over the £1000 for the first time in our fund raising history.

Chiltern Air Ambulance
£20 Register donation at the Abingdon Country Show  - Stew Griffiths on behalf of MGF Register.

2013 Macmillan Cancer Support

The Register held fund raising events for MacMillan Cancer Support in 2013.

The Chairman’s run visited Lliffe House, and in August we joined the MGCC’s Anglia Centre for the second Thames,Tunnels and Bridges Tour.

There was also ‘The Adventures of Dave the Bear’ whereby members took a teddy bear called ‘Dave’ on holiday’s around the UK and Europe which helped raise funds for the charity.

This year we raised £3,887.81 including gift aid.

2011 – Help for Hero’s

The Register held two main fund raising events for H4Hs  in 2011.

The chairman’s run visited Bleinham Palace whilst the London Tunnels and Bridges run, raised more cash for the charity.

This year we raised £1876.88 including gift aid.