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A Register of the MG Car Club

A Register of the MG Car Club


(It Could Have Been A Better Day Award)


Derek Varney

For locking the keys in the boot of his 80th Anniversary TF at no less than three shows during 2009


Dave Kerley

For breaking his steptronic gearbox the night before intending to go on the Abingdon to Geneva Re Run


Simon & Julie Davies

For having their Trophy 160, 85th Anniversary TF and a Citroen crushed by an MPV whilst on their driveway, also demolishing the front of their house. Plus having the same 85th rear ended earlier in the year.


Andrew Watson

Andrew brought a dilapidated MGF and set about creating an individual car with plenty of neons!. Crashed the car earlier in 2012 colliding with a tree which would normally have been a write off so It Could Have Been a Better Day. Instead of being a write off though the car has now been transformed for a second time


Stuart Blease

Breakdown on European Event and recovery back to the UK


John & Lyn Ponting

John & Lyn's TF was written off following an accident on the Luxembourg ring road on route for the 2014 Tour de Lux. Very soon after John replaced the TF with a LE500, which shortly after purchase, was hit by a people carrier, LE500 is now repaired and back on the road.


Lin & Pete Opie

Lin for breaking her foot at MGFIM and Pete for having a car run into his stationary MGF on the way back from MGFIM.


Michael & Marion Murkin

This award is created from Register Chairman Tim Morris's blown head gasket and is given to someone who really could have had a better day!

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