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The Committee are important in the running and steering of the MGF Register. They provide guidance to our Regions as well as organising events on a National and International Scale. They also oversee the Register of cars and the historical archives.

They are the only people who can vote on issues affecting the Register although our Reps can contribute to any debates that take place.

Technical - Rob Bell

Rob was the Register's technical guru before joining the committee properly in 2004. He was Chairman of the MGF Register from 2005 to 2007. He is interested in Track Days and assisted in the creation and organisation of MGs on Track. He is currently building a light weight track MGF - Project Shed.

He drives a track prepared MGF and MG ZTT and Project Shed.

Main Roles: Technical advisor; MGs on Track

Webmaster  - Pete Opie

Pete joined the committee in 2014 and looks after the Register's main website and its content along with the Registers micro site content. He is also Joint Rep. for the Devon & Cornwall Region.

Pete is also a committee member for the Devon & Cornwall Centre of the MG Car Club looking after the Centres micro site content, Facebook & Twitter accounts.

Pete first purchased a MGF vvc in 1996, returning to the MG marque in 2010. He currently drives an Old English White MK2 MGF.

Main Roles: Webmaster / Devon & Cornwall Rep.

2017 Committee

Chairman / Regalia - Keith Williams

Keith joined the MG Car Club in 2001 soon after he bought his MGF. He is a member of the Heart of England region.

He joined the committee for the 2009 season on the events team after initially helping out at events prior to that.

He organises and coordinates main Register outreach events.

Keith took over the online shop in 2010 and the entire shop and regalia operation in 2011.

Keith became Chairman in 2014.

He currently drives a MGF and MG6

Main Roles: Chairman; Shop Manager; Outreach events co-ordinator

Vice Chair./Membership/Registrar/Archivist

Nigel May

Nigel joined the MG Car Club in early 2006 a few months after purchasing their first MG TF, although he had previously owned an MG Maestro in the early 1990’s and an MG ZS180 prior to buying the TF.

Nigel became the Somerset & Dorset Regional Rep in 2008.

He joined the Committee in 2011 as Archivist and took over the Membership Secretary’s role in 2013. At the AGM in 2016 he was appointed Vice Chair.

Nigel drives an MG TF85th, MG TF135, MG ZT260, MGB GT and when allowed he drives Jo's MG Metro.

Main Roles: Vice Chair, Membership Secretary; Archivist; Registrar; Somerset and Dorset Rep.

Secretary -  Jane Parry

Jane joined the MG Car Club late 2002 when she purchased her first MGF, a 1996 Japanese import in British Racing Green.  She fell in love with the MGF marque after a visit to Brooklands MG Era Day earlier that year.  April 2003 she suffered a horrid accident, which resulted in the car beingwritten off, however, not put off by the experience she purchased a replacement which she still owns today.  Jane's collection of MGF'sincludes 2 road going F's and a further F currently undergoing

restoration.  Having previously just enjoyed driving her cars, she actively supported the MGF Register during 2016 at both MG Live and the NEC Jane has now joined the committee in the role of Secretary.

Jane drives an MGF 1995 VVC, 1996 MPi and 1999 Mpi, along with a MG ZR 2.0 diesel.  When she bucks up the courage to she also has the use of Rob'sMGBGT.

Main Role: Secretary

Treasurer - Ron Kemp

Ron joined the committee in 2012 and brings some experience of being treasurer for another club to the MGF Register.

He is a member of the South East Region and drives an MGTF.

Main Role: Treasurer


Vice Chairman

Keith Williams

Nigel May

International - Colin Murrell

Colin has been the Register's Devon & Cornwall and Cotswold Region Rep for a few years now and has a lot of experience of continental driving in his TF and ZT260.

He hopes to expand our network of International contacts and raise the Register's profile in Europe and beyond. He drives a TF160, ZT260E and ZS115+.

Main Roles: International Liaison; Devon & Cornwall and Cotswolds Rep.

President / FTF Scribe - Tim Morris

Tim led the South East Fers group from 2002 and soon converted to become one of the early Register Regions. He joined the committee to "represent and develop the Regional Reps" during 2003 swiftly moving on to organise and co-ordinate main Register events. He was Chairman between 2008 & 2103 taking over from Rob Bell. He has owned his MGF since 2000. Previous MGs included an MG Maestro, MGBGT, MGZT 190 and MGZR.

Currently drives an 2000MY MGF VVC, 2002 MGTF 135 and 1981 MGBGT LE along with "The Juke"!

Main Roles: South East Rep; FasTForward editor; Safety Fast Scribe, MGF Register President

Events Coordinator -  Philip Hayward

Philip has owned a range of MGs since 1993. He started with a MGB GT and soon also owned a MG Metro.

In 2000, Philip had his first MGF which he owned for 8 years before adding a LE500 to the family. The MGF & LE500 were sold in 2011 to buy a Jaguar XK but he still retained his MGCC membership before returning to the fold in 2013, buying a MGF Trophy 'Bumble-Bee' in Trophy yellow.

Philip was co-opted on to the committee as Events Co-ordinator in the summer of 2016.

Main Role: Events Coordinator

Events- Ian Wright

Ian is a “Newbie” to not only MG’s but also cars, only owning for 2 ½ years as being a lifelong biker, where for 6 years was the Ride Out Co-ordinator for the Honda Owners Club. Got into MGF’s following a biker visit to Haynes, and Ian’s wife just loving the MGF in the Red Hall, not really knowing what it was! He has a Mk1 and now also a Mk2 F, and uses daily for commuting over 60 miles each day, 6 days a week. Joined the MGCC straight away, and popped over to the local natter, and a month later took up the challenge of becoming the Thames Valley region of which has grown successfully.  The MG bug has certainly bitten, as Ian’s wife now also has an F to stop the arguments on who’s driving.

Main Role: Events/Thames Valley  Rep.

Regional Liaison - Neil Mattock

Neil joined the committee at the AGM in 2016. Neil is well known in the MG Car Club as previously he was part of the ZED Register and was initially their event organiser.

Neil was the ZED Register's Chairman before he sold his ZED and moved into the world open top sports cars.

Neil bought a MGTF160 Sprint a couple of years ago and after a few years of just enjoying the car, he has joined the committee to support the Register.

Main Role: Reps. Representative.

MGCC Board Liaison - Dave Tynan

Dave has been on the MG scene for many years and entered the MGF world with a Trophy 160 nicknamed Colonel Custard.

Dave recently stepped down from the role of Registrar after joining the Board of the MG Car Club as a Director. Dave is also a former chairman of the MGCC Anglia Centre.

He drives a rare Shot Silk TF 160 (1 of 2).

Main Role: MGCC Board Liaison