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A Register of the MG Car Club

A Register of the MG Car Club

Like all MGs, the MGF and MGTF can be found taking part in all sorts of competition, from competitive motorsport, with both the MG Car Club and MG Owners Club race series, through to Sprinting and Rallies. Many F/TFs can also be found around the country taking part in anything from Autotests and Auto Gymkhanas to Naviscats and Treasure Hunts and sometimes even Hill Climbs. There are plenty of trophies being won in these sports around the country by MGF Register members.

Many MGF/TFs have immensely proud owners and they can often be found detailing the finer points of the cars during the summer at the numerous Concours and Pride of Ownership events. Most MGCC Centres hold such events and the Register holds its own major Pride of Ownership competition each year at MGFest along with Fun Driving Tests and several other competitions from treasure Hunts to photo contests. You can find out the winners of these on our special MGFest subsite. Several of these trophies are perpetual in nature and winners of those can be found at the bottom of this page.

The Register has two trophies awarded annually, these being the Tanswell Trophy and the Priests of Chesham Trophy. They where both presented by the respective MG Rover dealers to the MGF Register in 1997. They were handed out to the first two recipients at the MGCC International Silverstone Meeting. Following this the trophies were temporarily lost and stayed with the 1997 winners until 2000. Committee Member Phillip Prout was then asked to trace them and return them to the Register in 2000 so they could be awarded on an annual basis. The trophies are now awarded at the MGF Register Awards Dinner in March each year. In fact Phillip himself was Member of the Year in 2000.

We also have two further perpetual trophies created from 1/22 scale model MGFs in the form of The Brian Griffin Competition Trophy (awarded to the person best representing competition use in an MGF/TF) and the FasTForward Trophy (awarded to the writer of the best article published in the MGF Register magazine during the year.)

In 2009 we introduced the "It Could Have Been a Better Day Award" aka the "ICHBABDA" which was made out of the blown head gasket of chairman Tim Morris's own MGF. Awarded to someone who suffered some notable mishap during the year !

Another recent regular trophy is our MGF Register Photographic Cup which was first awarded in 2011 but dates back to the beginning of our photo competitions which began at our MGFest series of shows.

In 2013 we brought in the Best MGF/TF Trophy which was originally donated by the Internet forum in memory of Register and forum Member Dee Walker. The Trophy had previously been awarded at the MGFest series for the winner of the Driving Tests from 2008 to 2010.

In addition we have Special Awards given at the discretion of the Chairman which are given to persons who have helped the Register in some notable way or done something worthy of recognition by the MGF community during the year that has not been recognised by one of the main awards.

Use the links below to learn more about each trophy and who won what.

The Tanswell Trophy Priests of Chesham Trophy MGF Register FasTForward Trophy Brian Griffin Competition Trophy MGF Register Photographic Cup MGF Register 'It Could Have Been A Better Day Award' MGF Register Special Awards Dee Walker Trophy for the Best MGF/TF