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A Register of the MG Car Club

A Register of the MG Car Club


What is the MGF Register?

The MGF Register is a part of the MG Car Club . The MG Car Club caters for all models of MGs and is organised centrally from Kimber House in Abingdon. The Club is run on a not for profit basis and is divided into Centres, Registers and

Branches (CRBs). The MGF Register is one of these and is responsible for recording historic details and technical data of all MGF/TF vehicles as well as organising it's own events and meetings throughout the UK. It is run by a separate

committee who deal with the Register of vehicles, archive, membership, events, regions, magazine, technical queries and more.

So as its called the MGF Register that means it doesn't cover MGTFs?

Not at all. We cover both the MGF and MGTF from 1995 through to 2010 when production of the TF stopped. The name hasn't been changed as that is what it was known as when it was created in 1995 and the logo is very special being designed by Gerry McGovern.

If I register on the internet forum does that mean I am a member of the MGF Register ?

No that means you are simply registered to use the forum. To become a proper member of the MGF Register you need to join the MG Car Club which can be done online at However the MGF Register is much more than just an internet forum and organises regular meetings, runs , events and publications.

Do I need to be a member of the MGCC to use the internet forum?

No, the internet forum is open to any MGF enthusiast

If I subscribe to FasTForward magazine does that mean I am a member of the MGF Register?

No, FasTForward is the quarterly periodical of the MGF Register and is designed to supplement our regular column in the MG Car Club's monthly magazine Safety Fast. It is produced independently by the Register hence there is an additional subscription to pay for it's publication. To receive Safety Fast on a monthly basis you must join the MG Car Club.


Why should I  join the MG Car Club?

The MGCC is a large organisation and as such has many advantages of Membership in addition to the sense of belonging to a very large group of like minded enthusiasts. The club organises it's own race series in which MGF/TFs are active as well as a series of local meetings, runs and events. There is sure to be an MGCC group in your area. The club also offers Members benefits from reduced insurance premiums to technical advice and recommendations. It also organises the world's largest MG show at Silverstone each year called MG Live. Members get reduced

admission to most MGCC events including MG Live. They also receive a quality monthly magazine, Safety Fast, which keeps members up to date

with the club's activities. You can also browse the Club's website and forums. Joining the MGCC also enrols you in to the MGF Register so you

can keep in touch with other MGF & TF owners via our own website andforum. You can join the MGCC at

How do you communicate with your Members?

One of our main sources of communications is our busy Internet forum at which is probably the best place to keep in touch with us. We are also on Facebook and Twitter and have an occasional e-mail newsletter. Our website at gives a good deal of information relating to club activities and MGF/TF matters. In addition to this we produce FasTForward magazine each

quarter and have a regular monthly column in Safety Fast magazine for those not on the internet.

Why do I have to pay for your runs and events?

Not all our runs are charged for. Our regions organise many smaller scale runs, visits and meetings on a local basis which are free of charge. Main Register events are charged for as they are enhanced with the addition of rally plates, route books and sometimes entrance fees,refreshments included. Some events take a lot of planning and expenses are paid to our organisers. Our main events are intended to attract a larger number of vehicles and so are organised in accordance with Motor Sports Association regulations and guidelines. The MG Car Club is a registered club with the MSA and our main runs/weekenders are carried out under an MSA Certificate of Exemption or licence as appropriate.

This provides additional public liability cover and our organisers are legally protected with the backing of the MGCC. The MGCC provides Public

Liability insurance when the club is represented at any static shows or events.

Do you make any profit on events and if so what happens to it?

Most large events just about break even but if a profit is made on them then it goes back into the MGF Register to fund other events, buy regalia, advertising, help pay for FasTForward and help purchase display equipment for the main Register and regions.


Do you get funding from the main MGCC?

No. The MGCC is there to back the CRB's up if necessary and organise the club as a whole but there is no regular grant from the main club to the CRBs. The Register's funds come mainly from the sale of our branded regalia items and partly from events.

Must I be an MGCC Member to join in your events and meetings?

Most of our runs, meetings and events are open to non members although that may not always be the case. If a non member wants to join us on a main event then there is usually a higher fee to pay and this can only be done by pre booking, as non members have to be "invited" on events covered by the Motor Sports Association rules. Non Members are welcome at our regional meetings but we will try to persuade you to actually the join the club !

How do I book your events or buy regalia?

Just go to our online shop at where you'll find our complete range of regalia items including workshop manuals, books, clothing etc. You can also book direct online for all our events through the shop using paypal or google checkout. A downloadable form for events is also normally available from the shop if you wish to send us a cheque. Regalia and events can also be booked in person at any show where we are in attendance.

Are my postings on your internet forum protected by copyright?

The MGF Register reserves the right to use any material in postings directly on its forum or links to user created material, whether text or

photographs, for  purposes of promoting the MG Car Club or MGF Register by publication in other mediums, usually FasTForward of Safety

Fast magazine. Photos and text may also be used on other promotional material for the MGCC and MGF Register such as banners or

advertisements. Such postings will assume copyright of the MGF Register and the poster. Original photos or text will not be used for other commercial purposes without permission of the original poster. Should the poster not wish their material to be used in this way then a rider

to this effect must be included in their original posting.

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